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The Year in Perspective

This is my last blog as Master of the Worshipful Company of Marketors. On Tuesday 24th January, 2017 my last act as Master will be the very pleasant one of installing my successor, Sue Garland Worthington OBE in Clothworkers’ Hall. I shall then take my place as the Immediate Past Master. It has been an

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The Year In Pictures (2)

And now for the second half of the Year in Pictures: August August is the month of recess in the City but we still found time for two splendid days out. We took a City walk with a difference, round Hampstead finishing on the Heath which is owned by the City. Hampstead Heath

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The Year in Pictures (1)

To help round off the year I thought I would share some pictures. They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Well in the first half of the year I wrote 32,000 words in my blogs and here are 42 pictures, so it's near enough. January Installation The Master-Elect takes his vow of office

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Rounding off the year

To cover some of the events in December I will revert to diary form. Friday 2nd December Just back from Chile I was straight into the City swing with a visit to the City of London Boys’ School. We sponsor an Award there and I met the winner of last year’s award and the two

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Master’s Trip to Chile Part Two

In last week’s blog I covered the first part of the Marketors’ trip to Chile, the country where I met and married my wife Carmen when I was living and working there in the early 1980s. This week I will cover the second part of the trip when we travelled to stay in Viña del

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Master’s Trip to Chile, Part One

It is customary for the Master of the Marketors to lead a trip somewhere during his year as it is with all Livery companies. Sometimes this may just be for a weekend in an historic city in the UK. Sometimes it may be overseas. Several of our overseas visits have been to wine regions in

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The Silent Ceremony

Every year, on the Friday before the second Sunday in November, the new Lord Mayor is sworn into office at the Guildhall. On Michaelmas Day we, the Liverymen of the City of London, elected Alderman Andrew Parmley as Lord Mayor[i] and today I attended the ceremony which is known as Silent because, apart from the

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What Good is Marketing?

founder Master, Reginald Bowden Last week the Marketors held our fifth and final Great Event of the year, the Bowden Charter Dinner. This dinner is our opportunity to both commemorate our foundation in 1975 and the granting of a Royal Charter in 2010. We chose to hold this in the beautiful Ironmongers’ Hall.

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151 Regiment Royal Logistics Corps

Virtually all the Livery Companies have well developed links with the military. The reasons for this are historic in that in medieval times the Livery Companies provided the watch for the defence of the City walls, and the patrolling of the wards. The Livery Companies also had a responsibility to provide men, clothing and food

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The Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising

Last week we visited the Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising in its splendid new home in Ladbroke Grove. The Museum is based on the unique collection of consumer historian Robert Opie, which he started in 1963. In 1975 he held his first exhibition, The Pack Age: A Century of Wrapping It Up at London’s

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