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Mansion House

The highlight this week was in fact one of the highlights of the year, our annual Banquet to the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress in Mansion House. It is the custom for the Lord Mayor to dine as a guest in his own home with most of the Livery Companies during his year. Those Livery

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Sailors, Soldiers and Engineers

While a week may be a long time in politics, it flies by in the life of a Master. Friday 15th July. I travelled to Portsmouth to join the Portsmouth Flotilla for its inaugural annual Awards. For the first time in many years, for a brief period this summer, most of the Flotilla’s ships are

By |July 23rd, 2016|Master's Blog Archive|

Customer-oriented culture versus the right marketing strategy

In a momentous week when Liveryman the Rt Hon Theresa May MP became the country’s second female Prime Minister, it was quite fortuitous that the Marketors had arranged to hold its second debate of the year at Portcullis House, part of the Parliamentary Estate. Mrs May became a Freeman in 1999 soon after becoming an

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Is marketing for good the future of marketing?

Normally in these blogs I write about something that I have attended or seen but this week I want to write about a forthcoming event. On 2nd September I am holding a one –day conference in the beautiful surroundings of my alma mater, New College, Oxford. This is a special conference arranged to develop my

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Jailed and Bailed

Last week I was arrested by City of London Police at Mansion House, brought in front of the Sheriffs and convicted of the heinous crime of Perjury. I was then taken off to the Tower of London and marched into the Tower by the Yeomen of the Guard and incarcerated in the Regimental Headquarters of

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Election of the Sheriffs

Every Midsummer Day the Liverymen of the City of London elect their Sheriffs for the coming year. This is a right that has been exercised by Liverymen since 1153. This week we held Common Hall in the Guildhall for this purpose. As Master I processed from the Crypt to the Great Hall with all the

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Ironbridge Last weekend my wife and I joined the Lord Mayor, the Sheriffs and the Masters, Prime Wardens and Upper Bailiff of 95 other Livery Companies and their partners at the Ironbridge Livery weekend, one of the highlights of the Master’s year. This was the 34th such weekend but the attendance has never

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Win! How to succeed in the new game of business

This week the Marketors held its Common Hall in Brewers’ Hall. Common Hall is not required as an annual event but it is intended as a way for members to find out from Officers & other senior members how the Company is performing both financially and against its aims & objectives. Some people compare it

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Mansion House Scholarship Scheme

This week I was invited by the Trustees of the Mansion House Scholarship Scheme to a Reception to meet the Mansion House Scholars appointed in 2015 who are now studying in the UK. The event was held at the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, so I am becoming something of a recidivist as that is

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That was a week that was

I am reverting to diary format in this week’s blog as it has been a lively seven days. Friday 20th May. I travelled up to Sheffield to attend the second annual Brigantes Breakfast. The first was held in Manchester last year. The idea is to hold a series of Livery events in the North of

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