Each year, the Marketors’ Trust donates to a number of charities, mostly City-based, and makes a range of marketing educational grants. The amount we can give depends on the donations we receive from Company Members. Giving is voluntary, but we would be able to help many more good causes and reward a greater number of post-graduate marketing students if more Members were to contribute.

These recent beneficiaries of the Marketors’ Trust demonstrate how, as a Company, we can make a real difference, both to the lives of individuals and to excellent charitable causes.

St Bride’s Inspire Appeal

St Bride’s walls and tower needed to be strengthened earlier in the last century as well as during the 1950s’ programme of restoration. Since then they have survived smoky chimneys, lightning, stormy gales, acid rain, extensive pile-driving, as well as defiling by birds. This damage to the stonework became a serious concern, as pieces of stone were falling from the tower and were a danger to the public. It was also 40 years since the tower’s last cleaning, and the grime of London life had again built up and was obscuring much of the beauty of Wren’s masterpiece. The ‘Inspire! Appeal’ still needs to raise money to fully fund the necessary £750,000 that was spent on the first phase of structural repair and restoration work on the tower and spire, completed in November 2013. (Further work on the exterior walls and interior still remain to be financially covered and undertaken). The Marketors’ Trust donation is a significant contribution towards meeting that requirement and a fitting way to mark the end of David Meara’s long and successful tenure as Rector of St. Bride’s and close association with the Company as its Chaplain.

Stefanie Bolduc – University of Greenwich Award 2013

The project that earned Stefanie Bolduc the University of Greenwich Award was her MA dissertation paper entitled ‘Trust is earned, not given: the power of co-creation in building brand trust’. With the rise in digital media, especially social media, the opportunity for company-consumer interaction is constantly increasing. Co-creation is essentially how companies can work with other companies and/or individuals to create products and services.

In her research, Stefanie examined the concept of co-creation and highlighted the many benefits of companies using co-creation in their marketing tactics. She also examined if brand trust can be linked to the concept of co-creation. Commenting on her dissertation, Stefanie said: “With my research, I hope this is the foundation to show, firstly, the value of co-creation as a concept in marketing and, secondly, that co-creation can ultimately lead to brand loyalty.”

Winning a Marketors’ Trust education award has meant a great deal to Stefanie: “It validates my research’s contribution to the marketing industry and helps build my esteem as a young professional embarking on my career within the industry. I believe winning this award makes me more employable against other new graduates and would help me should I decide to pursue my studies and complete a PhD.”

The History of Advertising Trust (HAT)

“I would like to thank you for the generous donation of £1,000 to HAT last year (2012). Indeed your commitment to the development of HAT Archive’s services over the past few years has made a real difference to the rate of progress we have been able to make. Last year’s appeal donations went towards the re-branding of HAT, the re-design of HAT’s website, the production and marketing of e-learning resources targeted at secondary schools and HAT’s new promotional brochure and leaflet.” Chloe Veale, Director, History of Advertising Trust

In 2013, the Marketors’ Trust donation went towards funding HAT’s proposed online catalogue that was launched as an introductory pilot service towards the end of 2013. The successful launch of this will play a huge part in raising public awareness of, and engagement in, the contents of HAT’s amazing archive and library collections.

HAT’s vision is that its online catalogue will enable users to search the largest archive of UK advertising in the world from anywhere at any time, including ‘on the go’ via web-enabled mobile devices. Agencies and individuals will be able to view catalogues of thousands of records, discover images and data relating to past campaigns and instantly request digital copies of material.

Neil Shah – Queen Mary College London Award

Neil Shah’s study was called “So Hungry You Could Eat a Horse? Consumer Response to The UK Horsemeat Scandal: A Phenomenological Study.” It examines sources of information, psychological risk perception and purchase intention related to processed beef products during the horsemeat food scare. Two consumer types, 18-25 year old students and mothers with childcare responsibility, were examined. The main findings of the study include that the two consumer types had different sources of where they obtained risk information and trust in this information.

Commenting on his achievement, Neil said: “Winning the award means a lot to me. Firstly, it acknowledges the blood, sweat and tears that it took to complete the study to a high standard. Secondly, it highlights that my work on a relatively understudied area of consumer behaviour – the effect of risk information on purchase intention during food scares – has contributed to the marketing discipline as well as encouraging others to further research the subject. Finally, it has helped me realise that immersing yourself in an area that is interesting to you, and taking a risk to further your knowledge in that area where little research has been done, is rewarding if you remain focused and objective in your approach.”

The Mais Marketing Scholarship 2014

This award, originally established as the Mais Bursary under a charitable donation by the late Lord Mais – a former Lord Mayor and Past Master of the Company – has been reconstituted as a scholarship and is now to be funded by the Marketors’ Trust. This scholarship award of up to £3,000 per successful application is open to Liverymen of the Worshipful Company of Marketors and their dependents who wish to study in depth some aspect of marketing that is of direct personal interest. The closing date for applications each year is 30 April and the award is presented at the Mansion House Banquet in July.

Entries will be judged against the following criteria:-

  • Whether the research would have an impact on, and add value to, marketing practice;
  • The potential for positive publicity for the Company and the likelihood of publication; and
  • The extent to which the study is dependent on the Scholarship Award.

A condition of the scholarship is that the recipient must provide the Company with an Executive Summary of the conclusions reached and be prepared to permit Company publication and any attendant publicity.

The Mansion House Scholarship Scheme

Established in 1997, the Mansion House Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for students and young business people who live overseas to come to the UK to study for a Masters degree or to attend a training course or to undertake work experience in the financial services industry. It is funded primarily through donations by Livery Companies and the Marketors’ Trust gives £500 each year to the scheme.

Chosen by the Lord Mayor, those awarded scholarships are known as Mansion House Scholars. Scholarships are offered in those countries which the Lord Mayor visits each year and selections are made on the advice of the British Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consuls General.

“My time in the UK was certainly a memorable one. In my Masters of Finance course, I had the best instruction available from many experts in the industry. I am thankful to the Mansion House Scholarship Scheme for their generous help and support over the past year or so. The past year in the UK has been an experience which I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I am thankful to all those who have made it such.”

Justin Keh, Singapore

The Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund

Founded in 1808, the Fund gives small grants to ex-prisoners and their families in London, to help them stop offending and start a new life. Grants are for training and tools of trade, clothing, furniture and household equipment. The Marketors’ Trust’s most recent donation to the Fund was to help sponsor ‘Trial & Error at the Old Bailey’ – a fundraising event that took place in March 2014. A hugely talented cast of legal thespians and musicians put on an excellent show in No.1 Court, with words and music from Defoe to Dickens, Judge Jeffreys to Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Moll Flanders to Mack the Knife.

The event succeeded in raising over £17,000 for grants to ex-offenders and the families of offenders.

A recent beneficiary of the Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund emailed this comment, following a grant to help equip his flat: “I would like to thank you kindly as this was a great help. Obtaining furniture was one of the many mini-goals I set whilst in custody to help achieve the bigger goal of stable employment and accommodation upon release. Thanks to your organisation I have been able to sleep comfortably and focus on achieving my other goals. Your help is highly appreciated.”

To support the Marketors’ Trust or to increase your donation please contact the Chairman of the Trust.