Chairman: Court Assistant Brian Sweeney


Outreach provides charitable organisations across the UK with pro bono marketing support in a number of ways, including advice, mentoring, sharing ‘best practice’ and skills transfer to individuals in the “client” organisation. Outreach projects often include strategic or marketing planning and developing a brand strategy. Beneficiaries have included registered charities, educational establishments and other livery companies. 

Our proven ability and willingness as a Livery Company to transfer our marketing expertise and best practice is much appreciated by the recipient organisations. Although the volunteers put something back into the wider community, many are surprised by the privileged access that they enjoy as Outreach volunteers helping often well known, charitable causes.Our capacity and willingness as a Company to transfer expertise and marketing best practice is much appreciated by the recipients, while giving our members the chance to engage with different challenges from the norm and put something back into the wider community. We advise and support; we do not compete with commercial services.

The Outreach programme advises and supports those who need professional marketing, but have little or no marketing budget, with projects that can be delivered with as little as ten hours dedicated support. We do not compete with commercial services.

In 2017 we provided over 2000 hours of Outreach programme support. Please help us to do even more in 2018 by becoming an Outreach programme volunteer, called an Outreach Director, for a local worthy cause.

Committee Members: 

Court Assistant Brian Sweeney (Chairman)
Mike Ricketts (Secretary)
Middle Warden
Chris Griffin
Gina MacAdam
Graham Storey
Ian Moore
John Wheen
Philippa Seal
Richard Bernholt
Serafino Manca

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